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Teach in Wales Webinar (Aus & NZ Hosted)

Have you been thinking that you're due for a bit of an adventure?

Please register & join us online to find out everything that you need to know about teaching in Wales and how anzuk will support you every step of the way.

We offer a range of teaching and education support roles in primary, secondary or nursery (early childhood) and special education settings Wales.

You'll feel supported with a great group of new friends and opportunities in fantastic schools across our UK network.

We'll always ensure your journey runs smoothly, providing:

-Guidance from expert consultants who’ve lived the dream themselves!
-Tips & tricks on where to live in Wales, how to find accommodation & all the best local insights!
-Assistance with visas, compliance requirements and setting up bank accounts
-Work opportunities available pre-departure and upon arrival
-Assistance finding accommodation, local activities and travel advice
-App based management of your work schedule for convenience and reliability
-Online social platforms so you can connect with other travelers and make friends before departing
-Flight reimbursements available - conditions apply

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Wednesday, 26 October 2022
6:00 PM
- 7:00 PM
Online - via Zoom


This event has closed. Thanks for your interest.

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