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    what we do

    The marketing team is the creative powerhouse of anzuk, and a champion of the anzuk brand. The marketing team uses a variety of media to advertise the brand such as video, social media, print, and web, and are well known for quickly producing messaging that benefits the entire organisation.

    what do we look for?

    Attributes that will make you a superstar in our division

    Work Ethic & Driven Nature
    Possess the ability to work autonomously and be goal driven

    Team Player
    Committed to team objectives and have a demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with others

    Creative flair
    Able to creatively problem solve and come up with clever solutions

    Eye for detail
    High level of perception and ability to spot nuances

    our team

    A few (but not all!) of the friendly faces you'll get to know

    Alice Blair

    Marketing Manager, Melbourne

    Georgia Church

    Marketing Assistant, Melbourne

    Lynsey Swan

    Content and Video Producer, Melbourne

    Thania Guardino

    Marketing Manager, LA

    What's it like working on the marketing team?

    The marketing team consists of a small group of bright and energetic people with a creative flair and a can-do attitude. Sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, and celebrating successes together are part of their core values and drive much of their high volume output.

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