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    what we do


    We are continuously striving to provide exceptional experiences for Early Childhood settings, Students and Educators. We attract and interview exceptional educators, working with them to provide teaching opportunities in line with their interests and experience. We assist and support Early Childhood settings in their staffing needs at a casual, contract and permanent employment level. We establish trust and build strong relationships with these settings to ensure we are providing the educators that meet their needs on all levels.

    what do we look for?

    Attributes that will make you a superstar in our division

    Work Ethic & Driven Nature
    Possess the ability to work autonomously and be goal driven

    Strong team focus
    Committed to team objectives and have a demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with others

    Admin/IT Skills 
    Possess strong IT skills such as using office suites, organisation and schedulers, and web based apps

    Recruitment  Skills
    Experience with placing candidates and managing applications

    our team

    A few (but not all!) of the friendly faces you'll get to know

    Richard Schaube

    National Early Childhood Manager

    Lisa Clarke

    Senior Team Leader, Melbourne

    Craig Griffiths

    Team Leader, Sydney

    Siobhan Filen

    Senior Early Childhood Education Consultant, Sydney

    Taryn Linnan

    Team Leader, Brisbane

    Anna Rogers

    Permanent Early Childhood Education Consultant, Sydney

    Richard Duncan

    Permanent Opportunities Team Leader, Melbourne

    Jessica Abrill

    Lead Consultant, Early Childhood, Melbourne

    We’re whole heartedly relationships focused – that’s why I love working here, and that’s what enables us to go from strength to strength. Together we work hard, but we have fun; together we have stressful days, but we support each other; things go wrong sometimes, but we’re patient and we focus on the positives together. We also understand that we’d be nowhere without the dedicated educators we work with daily, therefore we ensure that the service we provide consistently reflects our appreciation and gratitude.

    What's it like working on the EC team?

    Educators around the globe make a huge impact every day on the education of children, and it all starts with placing high quality early childhood educators. As a member of the EC team, you'll be passionate about the importance of a good early learning foundation and provide care and support to our valuable early childhood educators.

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